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Thanks for stopping by Hansen Specialities (with 3 i’s) has to do with the out of doors, and I am using my technical and engineering skills to help other professionals do work and rescue.  I have made them my life pursuits, and sharing them with you makes it possible.  I would like to invite you to benefit from my efforts, so please check out:

Training Ropes Course Instructors

Hansen Specialities (with 3 i’s) deals with Mountaineering, Climbing, Camping, Backpacking, XC Skiing, Snowshoeing, Camping, and more: consultation,  equipment, classes that help make the experience enjoyable and safe.

About the time OSHA was putting a big emphasis on Work at Height skills, Fall Protection, and Equipment, I was well established as a climber.  Of course, the skills and equipment and many of the principles of climbing can be used while working at height, so I found many private businesses seeking my assistance, and even governmental organization like OSHA, BOR, BLM, NPS, USFS, and others   they wanted to hire me as a consultant, a trainer, and to do speciality projects with/or for them.

Search and Rescue(SAR) Training Course Highline’s are low risk, efficient, and versatile.

We work with professionals to figure out ways to access and do jobs more efficiently and to keep the risk reasonable.  These types of skills and the equipment were not directly related to the recreational end.  They were just enough different

I train professionals in work at height skills, fall prevention and protection, and Technical and Wilderness Search and Rescue. Also, I have a pretty good background in natural hazard (Rock and Boulder Fall, and Snow Avalanche) evaluation and mitigation


I am looking forward to being of service to you and in your endeavors.  The following is sort of an introduction.  Please do feel free to contact me, you will be “glad you did!”

Thanks again!

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The summit is the “icing on the cake.” Life is about enjoying the journey,” and climbing gives us an opportunity or excuse to get out and do just that, enjoy the journey.  Enjoying the Summit of the Pfeifferhorn 11,331 feet (3,454 m) located in the most isolated part of the Lone Peak Wilderness Area of the Wasatch Mountains in northern Utah

Some of you may already know me.  I had a couple of great businesses in Utah County, which next to my family, friends, and neighbors, were the most important things in my life. 

Despite the work to keep things going well, “I sure loved the experience.” 

Things like people coming together, creating synergies, successful projects.  That is an amazing reward and experience!

It started out as a love for the mountains and turned into a sharing thing.  I wanted to share the experience with others, but in order for them to enjoy the experience they needed certain skills and equipment –so I started teaching and selling equipment.  That was a good combination.  It seems that sharing an experience with someone else often magnifies and intensifies the experience.

As time went on I found that that something was missing, sure the experience was very close a poem I read:

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings,.

Natures peace will flow into you as sunshine into the trees.

The winds will blow their own freshness into you

 and the storms their energy,

while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. 

But something was missing.
Me and one of my favorite sons, standing on top of a 12,000-foot peak in the Unitas.

It took me a while to figure it out because it was something that seemed unrelated.  It was something powerful,  long-lasting and that had nothing to do with Mountaineering, yet it had everything to do with it.

It was a way to give back. It was a touch of the key values of life that was missing; or the good living principles.    There are many “good books” full of ideas, principles, values, and other things that can make our lives better.  Regardless of a person’s belief’s, I think they can find value in books. With time I decided to interject some of these into my writing, my teaching, and my everyday life. 

“For me, there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length–and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly.”


What is success? I have found success is different for us all.  It can be, “being” a leader in a great endeavor, or “being” part of the team that makes the great endeavor possible. Either way it is a sharing thing, we are part of the solution; which creates success and happiness.  


Climbing is about more than micro holds and long approaches, it is about the journey.

“People are the Spice of Life.”  A little spice with a climb can be a great flavor!
Traversing from the top of Lost Arrow Spire,  Yosemite N.P.  “photo by unknown,  Thanks for the great pictures!”  He could have carried off a really nice camera if he chose. Instead, he clicked some great pictures.  Steve and I ended up with great pictures, we let him slide across the rope to the Lost Arrow Tip, and clicked some pictures of him and mailed them to him.  Another unplanned “win-win”
The Lost Arrow Spire, Yosemite. Picture by (unknown)  We got these pictures due to a backpacker’s photographic skills  I had left my new SLR camera on the valley rim. Since there were only two of us,  I did not want to bother carrying a camera, besides it looked like we would have our hands full climbing the pinnacle.   I mentioned to a stranger,” if you happen to be around, and want to click a picture or two it would great.
Teaching one of my favorite sons, thinks he can climb blindfolded?
Tyrolean type traverse. I am sliding over to the rim while tailing the retrieval line.  “
Jim, just hanging around, while on the schoolroom roof.
I love climbing!  A climbing partner while in Switzerland attending a week-long dealer conference.
Top Roped climbing one of the crags in Switzerland, we climbed while attending a Mammut factory retailer conference event. .
Notice the smile hiding in the background.  “Way to go ladies!” Something traveling has taught me is, “We really are the same on the inside. We laugh, cry, and . . . the same, regardless of where we were raised.  Although “prejudice” is a learned skill . . .
Climbing is a great family activity.