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Words Matter, “Talking Backwards…?”

May I suggest something that could improve all of our lives…?  Something that has become apparent to me is the fact that every person has the ability to make a difference, and they do.  It may not be apparent them, but they still do.  Some people know that fact, and they use it in many […]

Strength Undefeatable…

I’ve been watching the Olympics and noticing how the Gymnastic Competition was going. Earlier I wanted to write this, thinking somehow it just might help our teams who are competing. Actually, it is something which can benefit everyone. Below is an article I wrote a few years back. It is about working with a skill […]

Words Matter…

Something that has been bouncing around in my mind is how much words can assist us, or… Anyway, I feel this is a very important thing we should consider when thinking about our efforts, life, and when interacting with others. It is a major fact that the words we use can aid us, or hinder […]

Summer Camping Checklist / ideas

Camping season is here, and depending on where you go there are a number of things you may want to consider.  Down here in the valleys temperatures are hitting the 100° mark.  One hundred degrees fahrenheit is hot, and that can make even the most seasoned outdoors person forget that for every thousand feet of […]

An Intuitive Choice…

“[1]Intuitive” Choice, an intuitive choice, if one has learned how to draw on this skill, is the “sum-total” of our life experience, learning,… and maybe more…? The way I see it is our subconscious computer-like mind records everything we experience during our lifetime.  If we put it to work and have good results, it is […]

Positive Synergy

Discipline, Regulation, Order, Control, Restraint, Obeisance, and Authority are synonyms that tend to repel, push us away, or maybe even imprison us.  Another approach might be to determine the things we would like to have, and raise those things as goals “We can work towards, build dreams with, and use to improve our lifestyle?”  What […]

Waxing XC Touring Ideas

Hi Douglas Hansen here. It seems waxing is not very common nowadays? For what it is worth, I have found waxes to be a big advantage, “If you understand how to work with them.” They save a lot of energy, and minimize fussing around. Skins are generally quick and easy, and needed if you plan […]

Give and Take…?

“Most people go through life looking for things they can take; while others try to figure out what they can give.” While working as a fireman I met another fireman who would spend much of his spare time writing to lotteries, contests, and such.  Most of these contests mentioned, “No purchase necessary, enter by writing […]

Black and White living…

For whatever reason, we as people seem to divide things into one of two categories, either Black or White. Either it is good or it is bad. It is healthy or it is bad for us. I even run into that idea in safety; either it is safe, or it is dangerous. I figure we […]