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We have a lot to offer and share, so please do look around.  We have two websites built around different business aspects, Hansen Specialities has to do with Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Hiking, Camping and the Natural Environment in general.

High Angle Technologies focuses on Work , Rescue, Safety in High Places – Towers, Cliffs, High Rise Buildings, Arenas, Caves and Mines, and Trees; even Special Effects and Stunt Coordination for movies and commercials.

They include a bunch of items, some are no charge informational and educational, others are opportunities to attend training, or join us on an adventure, or a training class – so you can get certified.   There is a lot to learn and understand!   It makes sense, to get training if you choose to participate in any type of risk sport; learning on your own, without a skilled instructor, exposes you to more risk that is obvious…

“School teaches you the rules, Experience teaches you the exceptions.”

Anyway, its great fun, challenging work, and a fun way to get to know others. We like Mountaineering in a broad sense, enjoying the natural environment, and each other’s company.

For us, it isn’t just about  reaching the summit, or climbing the most difficult route.  We believe climbing gives us an excuse to get outside, exercise and fine tune our skills, while enjoying each others company.    Some of the best climbers in the world are the ones that are having the best experience!”

(photo by unknown backpacker, lettering by Douglas Hansen)

This is one of my favorite pictures, Not because it is of me sliding from the top of the Lost Arrow Tip to the Rim of Yosemite Valley; but “because of the magic we experienced that day.”   

Hansen and Iverson On Lost Arrow Spire Yosemite Valley, CA  Photo by Unknown Backpacker

A friend and I decided to climb Lost Arrow Tip, so we packed up our gear and drove to Yosemite National Park.  That night we camped out in the high country.  Then we got up well before the sun.  It was going to be a very long day.  We started hiking from the high country, carrying tons of gear and several different ropes.

I had also carried an a brand new SLR camera, which I had bought at the PX while I was on active duty.  I wanted to get some pictures of our climb, but I decided to leave it on the rim.  “I did not want it dangling off my shoulder while I was climbing; nor did I want my friend belaying me and trying to take pictures.

Just as we were starting to rappel off the rim, down to the notch, I saw a backpacker and asked him, “Hey, if you happen to be around today and wouldn’t mind clicking a few pictures, we would really appreciate it.”  Then I showed him where I had left my camera, hanging on a tree limb.  Guess what he did…?

He spent the entire day on the rim and clicked a handful of really great pictures, including the two above (I added the wording).   Early that evening we finally reached the top and rigged the ropes so we could make the traverse back over to the rim.   When I reached the rim I was greeted by the backpacker I had talked to.  He was standing there with my camera around his neck.  He said he had taken some pictures for us.

As a way of saying thanks, I offered to let him and his friend slide over to the top of the Lost Arrow Tip.  They jumped at the offer. I tied a Swiss Seat for them, with some 1″ tubular webbing.  Then,  I took some pictures of them as they slid over to the top of the Lost Arrow Tip and back.  Trust is worth it.  “I figure if we want to be able to trust people, we must empower them with our trust.”

Leaving my expensive camera on the rim all day long, was challenging.  It was something I had wished for, for years.  Then telling an anonymous backpacker where it was, well… but it was worth it.  Steve and I ended up getting some great pictures, and they ended up having some too.  We got their addresses and mailed them pictures of themselves making the famous traverse.


If you are going to climb, or even if you have been climbing for some time, continue to take classes.  Formal training is a must for any “Risk Sports.”  It is also a great way to meet some neat people.  I have always found that I learn things, if I keep my eyes and ears open.  I ended up helping teach one class, but I still learned things, and it ended up being a good experience.  “We usually get out life what we put into it…”

This is an instructional slide from my Rappel Master Certification Test.  “Good judgment comes from experience, but often that experience comes from poor judgment.”   Formal training, from an experienced instructor teaches things without the poor, maybe even risky experience.  You might be surprised at the new skills you pick up, even if you have been climbing for quite a while.

What is cool about climbing is that you that can spend a lifetime doing it, and still find new related challenges.  Rock Climbing,  Canyoneering, Rappelling, Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Slack lining, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering, Spelunking, High Altitude Mountaineering, Map and Compass Skills, Glacier Travel, Avalanche Awareness and Forecasting, Alpine Camping, Leadership, Expedition planning, and more.  Here’s the mountaineering bible, it is a great book to start with,  I know, I started with an early edition.  It is now in its 9th or 10th edition.  We have them available for $34.95 for paperback, and $49.95 for hard bound.  Or you may want to consider Vertical Rope Skills DVD $29.95

I’ve made a lifelong pursuit of Mountaineering and it has been great sharing what I have learned.  I will be planning and working things out a while; in the meantime I am collecting names of people interested in being part of these plans; either in the High Angle Technologies end, or in the Recreational end.

If  you are interested in taking a class, or being involved in another way, you can email me at I will put you on my mailing list.

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High Angle Technologies


Here’s a link if you would like to view the commercial

High Angle Rescue Skills helicopter winch rescue training

Rope Access Work the under side of a wedge dam. Drain holes required cleaning

Mark demonstrating our Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest system we designed and installed in the Vivint Arena

Me at the Barrack Gold Mines in Nevada. Doing some rescue training with their professionals.

I am putting together a team, to help plan a super project.  As well as being on the web, we have some other plans in the making.  This drawing is one idea a friend put together.  Who knows for sure?  I know I can envision it?  I guess we have to plant the seeds and see which ones take root – that is part of the planning process.  “If  we need plans of one sort or another, to be seeds, have an idea you want to share.  Maybe you are interested in being actively involved?”
I have found there are two ways to make dreams come true.  “Becoming the leader of the great endeavor, or by joining the team, which makes the great endeavor a reality!”   All dreams need good people to fill these roles.  Stay in touch we will see how this all comes together.  or
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