A Wilderness Citizenship. . .

In search of a Wilderness Citizenship . . .

“When you have learned the skills required to travel into the wilderness; day or night, winter or summer, good weather or bad, and be at home; you will have earned your

 Wilderness Citizenship.”

I’m building a page (below is a list) which identifies many of these skills.  I plan to offer classes and events like this too, but our community has a “Tremendous”  wealth of knowledge and skill.  I realize I have some, but do not have the time, nor resources to teach and sponsor all of these events.

Click this link to see some of the skills you may want to learn, or share.

It would be a shame to waste “our” collective abilities that help build a better community.  Please do give me a call, or email me with the **following information.

If you need some help putting all the details together, no problem, I know someone with a little skill in that area.

Doug Hansen  801-664-3797  or d.hansen@HansenSpecialities.com

Here’s a rough list of skills people like to learn, to aid in acquiring their wilderness citizenship.  If you want to teach or help teach a class let me know.

Skill, Experience, and/or Review title Time Frame Price Location Notes:
1 Wilderness Citizenship Fundamentals 3-4 hours In-Class
5 Adv. Avalanche Forecasting & Rescue
6 Advanced Caving (spelunking)
7 Advanced Orienteering #2
8 Advanced White Water & Rescue
9 Advanced Wilderness First Aid
10 Advanced Wilderness Traveling Skills
11 Alpine Camping
12 Avalanche Forecasting and Rescue
13 B.C. Emergency Medicine
14 Body Mechanics / Performance Diet
15 Camp Stove Cooking and Water
16 Cold Weather Skills
17 CPR
18 Desert Skills
19 Desert Survival
20 Desert Travel and Survival
21 Field Repairs and Improvisation
22 First Aid
23 Fundamental Rope Skills
24 Getting the Most From Equipment
25 Glacier Traveling
26 High Altitude Climbing Skills
27 Hiking Backpacking, and Alpine Camping
28 Ice Climbing #1
29 Ice Climbing #2
30 Ice Climbing #3
31 Intro to Mountain Environment
32 Leadership and Team Dynamics
33 Low Impact skills
34 Meteorology (Weather)
35 Navigation by the Night Sky, and Constellations
36 Orienteering #1
37 Peak Bagging
38 Photographic Skills
39 River Kayak Skills
40 Rock Climbing #1
41 Rock Climbing #2
42 Rock Climbing #3
43 Rock Climbing #4
44 Rock Climbing #5
45 Rock Climbing #6
46 Sea Kayak Skills
47 Spelunking #1
48 Survival Fundamentals & Philosophy
49 Understanding and Living in the Mtn Environment
50 White Water
51 Wilderness EMT
52 Wilderness Traveling Skills
53 Wilderness Water Skills #1
54 Wilderness Water Skills #2
55 Winter Survival
56 Winter Travel, Camping, and Expeditions
57 X-C / Telemark Skiing #1
58 X-C Skiing #1
59 X-C Skiing #2
60 Emergency Management
61 Desert Hiking and Camping Skills
62 Kayaking river
63 Snowshoeing


**The idea behind this section is to get people who have wilderness skills and would like to share them, a place to do it.  Once we develop an appropriate offering, I will put a page together and post it on this site.

Sharing your skills would be a great service to the community, and the instructor, I prefer the word, (Facilitator,”we are all teaches and students”) gains as well.  .

The way it works is:

Email or call me with an idea, or service you would like to provide.

Jot down a rough outline of how you propose to do it

What fees or material costs are involved on your end.

Include the five “w’s”  who, what, where, when, why, and . . . as they apply to the teacher, and or the student

We will put our heads together, and come up with a post to announce it.

Things will be off and running.