Emotional First Aid

Hi Douglas Hansen here,

I just did something that caught me off guard, you might be interested. Read on and I will explain . . .

I was raised with the idea that we guys open doors for women. It was the polite and manly thing to do. Well, despite being raised that way I respect the idea of a woman opening the door for a guy too. It is a common courtesy, I believe it is universal.

Usually when a woman opens a door for me I just say thanks and move on through, being appreciative of the favor; but today I had a woman open a door for me, but I refused the favor, like I was too .? .? . to allow someone to be kind to me?

It really started me thinking about how we respect one another, regardless of age, gender nationality, race, or . . . This woman was a fine example of a healthy person showing respect to another, and to ourselves is important. This woman see to have good EQ Skills, maybe much more . . .

Showing respect for one another, “Bough your head to no one, yet do not allow anyone to bough their head to you; unless it is done in respect to one another.”

If we respected each other better, I believe it would help prevent violence. Rather than blaming the object, or person, maybe if we looked at the way we interact with one another it would help us. EQ skills are essential to a healthy life.

This is how someone else looked at it Spiritual insight goes a long ways towards working with others and living a good life on our end.

To have a healthy life, we must take care of ourselves but it is easy to overlook taking care of ourselves emotionally, and not doing so, it hurts others. I believe it is true, we actually hurt each because we are hurting inside.

Yea, I am just trying to promote some of the good and positive things in life, along with my business. I heard a TED talk that made sense, and felt I should share it so I thought I would pass it along to you. I hope you find value in watching this 17 minute video, it is about “Emotional First Aid.”

Thanks for reading, and “thanks for being you.”