Is there an Easter Bunny?

Is there an Easter Bunny?

Good question, I have wondered that for many years.  That question is right up there with, “Is there a Santa Claus?”  Well, I believe I have come up with the answer.  Someone much smarter than I realized that we as people need an excuse to get together and share goodwill, each other’s kindness and friendship, and more.  “What got me on this subject?   Well, I’ll explain.

I was just getting ready to text my kids, and suggest we get together.  As I texted I suggested it did not much matter whether it was Fathers day or not, I just felt like it would be a positive event if we did.  I must admit, at times we have had a few feelings between us, but for the better part we do good. 

Then another thought came to me while I trying to get my text message to cooperate. I started to wonder how our society would be, “if we did not have any holidays?” 

As I thought more about it, it dawned on me, “Holidays are excuses.”  Much like the summit of a mountain, I often call the summit of a mountain an excuse, because it gives me an excuse to recreate; and of course include family, friends, associates, and others. 

I am guessing there are people who get together, “just to get together and enjoy each other’s company”; but sadly, I haven’t done that as often as I could have.

Is “recreation” is one of the spokes of life?  If we remove it our lives, our life’s don’t “workout” as well.  Are there are eight primary spokes?  Like the old time spokes on a wagon wheel.  I believe that keeping them balanced is very important to our development, otherwise “we do not roll through life as well as we could?

It seems that we make plenty of time for the struggles of life, maybe if we were able to balance things out a little better, we would see the other areas in our lives improving?  It has been my experience that if I fail to exercise my body, somewhat regularly, my quality of life goes down.  Actually, I find that if I neglect any of these things, my life starts to go downhill.  Conversely, when I focus on maintaining some kind of balance, the quality of my life improves.

There are eleven U.S. Federal Holidays set aside with which if we are smart, and I believe we are, we will use them to build goodwill, positive feelings, and other things that make today better and help build a better tomorrow.

This year (2019) they are New Year’s Day, January 1, Tuesday; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 21, Monday; George Washington’s Birthday, February 18, Monday; Memorial Day, May 27, Monday; Independence Day, July 4, Thursday; Labor Day, September 2, Monday; Columbus Day, October 14, Monday; Veterans Day, November 11, Monday; Thanksgiving Day, November 28, Thursday; and Christmas Day, December 25, Wednesday.  

I believe we are smart enough and creative enough, that we could come up with all kinds of reasons to get together and build goodwill, share kindness, and maybe even a little love.

Would more focus in this area benefit us? 


Publishing Note: These are my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, etc. They may be correct, or maybe not.  Something inside of me stirs me to share them.  If you find value in them, I am glad, that is why I share them.  If not, please disregard them.  I believe that we all have gifts to share; a musician shares their music, a carpenter their craft, a doctor their skills, etc. Like a big Jig-Saw puzzle, “If we all add our piece(s) life will work out. I believe sharing our services and abilities is one of the greatest gifts we can give.