Talking Ourselves into . . .

Let’s choose into a better tomorrow.  How?  Change our internal dialog. 

“Talk ourselves into the things we would like…  rather than finding things to runaway from.”

Didn’t intend on sharing this, but if you haven’t heard it you might consider listening to it. I think this has something in it that a majority of us can relate to. I found this link on Youtube. It reminded me of what a great singer and performer Steisand is. This is one of her all-time best, she wrote the presentation, directed it, and performed. She is a superb vocalist.

Also, she is motivational. It is longer than I expected, it is 1:47 performance, so it would make a nice break, or an evening to share with someone. It is a concert she performed in Anaheim; her first performance in 20 years. “It sold out in a matter of minutes!” Easy to watch, great to listen to, and you go away feeling great.

As a society, I am not sure where we are, but listening to this made me remember why we experienced a great time then. We can arrange to do the same today, if “we” choose to . . .

In trying to say something of value, what comes to mind is this period still had gloom and doomers, but we had major inspirational figures that helped to offset them. Unfortunately, gloom and doom is “powerful” at least its impact on us is. Add social media, and it is way too easy to forget there is still a wonderful future in store for us, “if we choose.” I believe this comment Thoreau once said:

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

Henry David Thoreau

As you watch this, you may notice some interesting correlations. Back then people still remembered a world war, but they were all about talking themselves into what they would like, instead of running away from the things they didn’t want.

Focusing on the rewards of success, rather than the penalties of failure. We are most happy when we are in pursuit of a worthwhile goal. Maybe a better tomorrow? Sounds like a good one to me. We can each do things that moves us in that direction, or join a positive group moving in that direction. It is a Win-Win!

Food for thought . . .