Three days, two nights . . .

A selfy standing on 12,000 ft. high Mt. Baldy, with one of my favorite son’s on one of his “Three days, two nights . . .”

Sometime back I either heard someone talk about this concept, or I came up with it; but either way it is a good idea that I would like to recommend to everyone.

The idea behind it is once a year (doesn’t sound that hard to do) make it a point to spend three days and two nights with the special people in your life.

The rewards are amazing. I have tried to do that with my family members. I haven’t hit my mark every year, but even with the misses, it still yielded amazing returns.

Here’s how it works. First, set a date with your kids, wife, or . . . Just start. If you can arrange to do it for the key people in your life that will be big. I arranged to do it on a more casual basis. Now as I look back, I think I could have done it a few more times, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

It is just one on one time with your . . . where they get to be king or queen for those days. On one of my daughter’s three days two nights, we went out and bought some “shark” steaks and went camping. We cooked them over a fire, then went on a hike the next day, and . . .

Climbing at the City of Rocks with one of my daughters on one of her Three days, two nights. A climber saw us climbing and was kind enough to click this picture, then when we came down he got our address and sent us a copy.

Doing it that way it seems like a longer time. Your not rushed to meet a departure time. The first night is low key, then you have the entire next day to do whatever. I remember one of my other daughters and I went to the Crystal Geyser  on the east bank of the Green River. Then the next day I let her drive the Suburban, while she set on my lap, on muddy roads, and . . . She must of been eight years old +/-, but it was big for her to drive the dirt roads in the back country like that.

Sure it is nice to spend more time, but in reality, making a living must fit in there somewhere. I found if I did not make a point to spend time with the important people in my life, it was slipping a way. The Three days, two nights . . . was small enough I would not panic, but long enough to be significant, especially if you can do it every year.