New Design: Hansen Belay – Rappel – Throw – Rope bag, and More Bag

Hansen Belay, Rappel, Throw, Rope and more bag; with a rope & gear tarp. $39.95, or get it w/o tarp for 24.95 User use and idea manual included! Just email me.

The original design is great. You can belay directly from it, rappel from it (even has a loop to make a knot on so you don’t rappel or belay “off” the end of the rope. It also prevents the bag from blowing away or falling on down the cliff, when used as a throw bag. This one has an equipment/rope tarp that stores in a side pocket when not in use, then velcros to the bag when in use. Comes with an owners manual explaining the different ways it can be used as a rope management tool. When you reach the crags all you need to do is tie-into the top end of the rope and start climbing, it feeds direct from the bag, tangle free. No more stacking or untangling ropes. You can also feed it into the bag while belaying. At the top & bottom of the belay bag (inside) I’ve sewn in two small loops, to tie the rope to. Tie a figure 8 in the bottom one, it will give you a knot at the end of the rope; preventing rappelling or belaying off the end. The knot you use in the top loop is “not…” as critical, although I recommend a knot in the manual. The new design holds most 10.5mm, and many 11mm ropes up to 70 meters (230 feer) long just fine….the instruction manual explains more.

P.S. When using it to rappel from helicopter, or for canyoneering you can snug the draw string up tight and it minimizes or prevents water and dirt etc. from getting in it. Also, storing your rope in a Hansen Rope Bag will increase its life.

While I was showing off a prototype, a couple of climbers suggested putting a drain hole in the bottom. Some of my other bags have a large grommet in the bottom. Some climbers stick the rope through it and tie a figure 8, but I have had problems with it working loose and dangling out. It also exposed the that end of the rope to ???. Storing all of your rope in the bag will increase its life too. As ropes age they dry out, and aging more quickly, losing life and handling characteristics.

Below is a nylon shock absorber from a lanyard, which is over 20 years old. The nylon covering (shown) protected it. It seemed like new, and the elastics bands were still good! I hope to test it to failure soon, but I believe the nylon in the protective case will test out well, I have seen other similar test where ropes were stored in original packaging and the tested out to nearly new strengths.

This Shock absorber is over 20 years old. It was protected by a nylon cover, which protected it. Even the elastic bands holding shock absorber in place were stretchy. Storing your rope in a good bag will increase its useful life, and the Hansen Rope…bag is a useful tool as well!

You can rappel with your rope in the bag, so rocks can’t fall on it, nor does it get tangled in bushes, it makes for tangle free throws, too! Besides shoulder straps, there is a loop for hanging the bag on biners, or a hook, and a loop in the bottom to tie a knot to. The knot prevents you from rappelling or belaying off the end, and if you throw it, it doesn’t blow on down the cliff.

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The ratings on the original Hansen Belay – Rappel – Throw – Rope and More bag.

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