Give and Take…?

Someone(s) giving of themselves.

“Most people go through life looking for things they can take; while others try to figure out what they can give.”

While working as a fireman I met another fireman who would spend much of his spare time writing to lotteries, contests, and such.  Most of these contests mentioned, “No purchase necessary, enter by writing your name and address on a postcard, and submit it to us.”

Those types of things may yield positive results; in fact, he told me he had won, a radio and a few other things.  As I pondered it more I recalled another saying from a person who had become quite successful. He was asked for his advice about how to get rich quick. He thought for a few moments then said.

“Find something you are good at, stick with it, and after about 15-20 years you will get rich quick.”

To me that sounded like he was saying, “find something you can give, that you are good at; and there will be a good chance you will get rich quick after 15-20 years (Rich can mean many things.)   It seems that he was saying give of yourself, something that you can, and stick with it. Eventually, you get rich quick; or otherwise, “What goes around comes around.” “You can’t out-give, the giver.” or “Karma or God will reward you.” Is it true? Well, I tend to think so, although I believe one must watch their garden.

He said, “Figure out what you “can” give, not just give.”  I have found I must be careful about what I give, or let slip away, because if we are not OK, we are or little value to others, because essentially, we are unhealthy.

I believe it is like the wilderness survival priorities. Fundamentally, take care of yourself; first, then you are OK and can help others. Second, your companion, if your companion is OK, both can work together to extend out and help your family.  Then your neighbors and friends, then community, and…

Our basic survival priorities are 1. Positive Attitude, “Without it we could die rather quickly.”  2. Air, without air for about 4-6 minutes—we are gone. 3. First Aid and medical concerns … 4. Protection from the environment (heat, sun, cold, cold water, wind…) each requires a different approach, and has a different survival time; in icy water, we could perish in as little as 15—minutes…?   5. Rest, in extreme situations we could die in as little as 30 hours, without rest.  6. Water, survival time without water averages about 2 to 3 days, but I know of one case where a young boy survived five days because he kept his head, and he was in a mine (Caves and mines often have a humidity level of 100 %.)  7. Food, without food, you could last weeks, but we become useless much sooner than that.

Where are we in these survival areas, well that is up to us to monitor, and work with, and figure out if we “can give.”   If we are struggling we should work on learning where we need assistance, and then learn how to “Ask for help.”   Seems simple enough, but asking for help can be difficult for some of us. 

Talent is also something we are usually good at and we can share (give) that with others.  History records are stuffed with examples of people who shared their talents and prospered.  Those are some thoughts I have been pondering.  I hope they are of value to you, and that they somehow make your day, week, etc… And life better!   

Thanks for stopping by…

Oh, by the way, it was the “White Rabbit,” in a version of Alice in Wonderland who made the above statement.  I have been doing a little research and it included reading and watching different versions of Alice in Wonderland.