Positive Synergy

Discipline, Regulation, Order, Control, Restraint, Obeisance, and Authority are synonyms that tend to repel, push us away, or maybe even imprison us.  Another approach might be to determine the things we would like to have, and raise those things as goals “We can work towards, build dreams with, and use to improve our lifestyle?” 

What if we were able to channel some of our energy, money, and mental powers towards building a better world, rather than spending [1]trillions and trillions our Euros and Dollars, and … into ways to decimate each other?

This is a technical rescue system “We” Improvised in one lane, so that we could rescue someone off the side of an overpass, yet allow the traffic to flow in the other lane. I’ve experienced synergy many times, on rescues, during our technical high angle work, and during training. “It is the “We Factor,” Together “We can do amazing things.”

Sure, I see the need to defend ourselves, but invest a moment into considering how much money goes into “banging heads?”   “Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing…?”  Well, if that is the way we feel about things, I agree full-heartedly.  The only catch I can see is, “How do we include the other 50%, the ones who lose and get decimated?”   

I played defensive tackle while in high school, and while practicing one day I heard the coach yell something to one of the players.  He said, “There is no “I” in team!”  It took me a while but I figured out what he was trying to communicate.  I think he meant that the player should focus on blending in with the team’s goals and objectives.  Maybe he was even trying to suggest synergy?

As I thought about it more, I realized something interesting.  On the surface, it says, “Play as a team,” but underneath it says, “The individual does not matter much.”   Maybe there is a way to suggest individually we can create some amazing power and skill.  When we combine our skills with our team’s skills, we can create a “Synergy.”  Synergy is NOT teamwork—it is much different.  It is like teamwork on steroids!

As I thought about it more I came up with a saying on my own, “There may not an “I” in team, BUT, without “U” and “I” we have no team.”  I also learned something else that year.  One of the other players showed me how to “Punch the opposing team player in the guts as he tried to get by me.  He showed me, and for some reason, I decided to try it, and as the team player tried to get by me I made an effort to sock him in the guts; but it did not go so well.  It about tore off my arm in the process—I never did it again.

I’ve decided that if I cannot compete and beat the opposing team while they are playing their “A” game, I would rather not win.  Otherwise, it is like taking candy from a baby—anyone can do that.  I like the kind of game where both sides are busy doing their best, and yet they are watching the other team do their best too.  When they may a good play, they are quick to say, “Great move!” or “You guys made that shot shine!” 

It shows that you are in a good place to compliment someone else.  It makes you look like a player that knows the difference between everyday games, and hot skills.  If we recognize those things it makes them feel good, helps you play a better game, and makes you look like someone who knows their stuff!”

Take Care!

[1] A number most of us can not even begin to comprehend