Words Matter…

Something that has been bouncing around in my mind is how much words can assist us, or… Anyway, I feel this is a very important thing we should consider when thinking about our efforts, life, and when interacting with others. It is a major fact that the words we use can aid us, or hinder us; or aid our fellow human beings.

For what it is worth, our mind is “Picture based.” Meaning we hear words, and our minds try to change them into pictures and move in that direction. The significance of this it that we use those pictures like road signs, directing us in those directions. Media specialist understand these principles, or should understand them. Advertising agencies use this principle to sell their products and services, along with other techniques like, repetition, exaggeration, volume, and …

“I can’t do this, or I have not figure out how to do this.” At the least, that comment leaves the door open to success, whereas, “if you can’t” the door is closed. Which road sign would you prefer? If we say we can’t do something our mind stops looking for answers or solutions. We are the boss, and it listens to what we say.

When working in the high risk environments, I choose to use this approach: Instead of saying something is “safe” I label it as low risk, then my mind maintains a level of caution. If it is safe, we naturally drop our guard, and we are less observant, because of the road sign we painted.

Words (communication) are to the mind as light is to the eyes, Helen Keller is quoted as saying something like that. It is suggesting the importance of words and communication. Without the correct words, our mind cannot paint the correct road signs to build relationships on, fix a broken motor, get along with the neighbors, or…. We need road signs for us to move towards. We do move towards our dominant thoughts.

Here’s another type of road sign. When we must appear in court, we may be asked to plead either guilty or not guilty. If we look at [Guilty] and [not guilty] verses [guilty] or [innocent], which paints the picture you would prefer? Our language is full of these little things, which are really, important things, that put direction to our future.

I just felt I should share this, because I care. The way I see it, we are all floating around in outer space (the universe), in a giant rubber raft (earth). If we can figure out how to make the best of our situation, we can grow and prosper, otherwise…

That is why I share these thoughts. I realize it can help you in your life, but I also know it will benefit me too. The old “win-win.” That is why I write these posts.

I hope you find this thought of value, if so, please pass the thought on.