Rock Climbing & Rappelling

An adventure in the great Out of Doors.

Learn the ropes from a Vertical Rope Skills Professional. This is the starting point for a progressive and well-structured way to learn Rock Climbing (and Rappelling).

This is a day class focused on Rock Climbing #1 Training. You get to learn fundamentals of Climbing and Rappelling: Equipment, Knots, and Belaying, Rock Climbing, and Rappelling.

Being able to rappel allows you to do multi-pitch routes, and it is a good skill for Canyoneering and/or Spelunking (Caving).

At the completion you will have learned the skills required to be part of other rock climbing adventures.

Top Roped Climbing and Rappelling is a great family activity, fun as an excuse to get out and enjoy each other’s company and test your skills.

A student stopping for a picture while on rappel. Having your own personal gear will allow you to join others you meet while at the crags.

For this training hiking boots will work, but if you want to do advanced rock climbing you may want to invest in a pair of “Technical Rock Climbing Shoes.” Included in the training is a 70 minute DVD to help prepare you for the training, and to help refresh you afterwards.

Covered in Rock Climbing #1


Introduction to Rock Climbing :

Introduction to Technical Climbing

Climbing and Rappelling Knots:

*On the Rock Section*


Fundamental Belaying, Belay Calls and Principles:

Fundamental Free “Top Roped” Climbing:


Written and Practical Test for those who want Certificates:

A group of climbers doing some “Top Roped Climbing.” If you have your own gear, and know some basic skills, it is fairly easy to meet people in the canyons and climb with them. Rock Climbing Gyms are good exercise, but “Real Rock” is quite different and offers an incrediable experience.

This (above) 70 minute DVD is included as part of the Rock Climbing Course. Also, I offer the other items as a package, or I can assist you in putting together a custom package. Add a pair of *Technical Rock Climbing Shoes and you are set.

*They are not required but do make a sizable difference.  I highly recommend purchasing your own. The reason is that the delicate feel and fit of the boot, which conforms to your foot as you break them in, then there is no slipping around inside the boot and you and stand on the smallest of edges or apply just the right amount of rubber for the friction move.