A few tips on bolts

Most bolts are pretty solid now days with the high-quality bolts being used frequently. The old contraction studs are questionable especially if there is an older Chromoly hanger on them.

Most bolts nowadays are pretty good. They are Rawl/Powers expansion bolts and other quality types. Since its not a class I will just mention a couple of the more common things and leave you with a URL for a video clip I talk about bolt placement.

Good hanger and bolt (3/8″ Rawlp/Powers) but poor placement. I pulled it using only a few hundred pounds of force.
The same type of bolt, poor placement visually notice the flaky (red lines) rock. I call these portable anchors, “You can take down with you.” Also, notice it is close to a corner (edge). I did not have a hammer with me but used my knuckles and knocked on it. It sounded very hollow. Bad sign, I would recommend it be removed and possibly place another a few feet to the left.
If you happen to be climbing here note there is another better placement a few feet higher on the left. Of course, I would possibly use it if needed, it is a little better than skipping it, but a fall could dislodge it? This climber has chosen not to use it and use the one a few feet above it.