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Outdoors skills

Learning is cool, but I must admit I enjoy rubbing shoulders as much as I do learning new outdoor skills.  Anyway, here are a few classes I will be teaching, I would love to have you join us.  Also, you may be interested in gaining a “wilderness citizenship.”

“We don’t do what we know; we do what we have learned.”

You will have “earned” your Wilderness Citizenship when you have gained the skills to go into the wilderness, day or night, winter or summer, good weather or bad weather, and be at home.”   It is a cool feeling to feel as comfortable in the wilderness as I do in my living room at home.  I have a list of many of those skills, I will post it when I can.

Here’s a secret, many of us have taken a long time to learn; “Life is about the journey.  The destination is the excuse to make the journey.”   That land of “someday isle,” is often quite elusive and hard to find.

Included in the training is your own sighting compass!  Private, or Private Group Training.


Advanced free climbing skills

The fact is, we are most happy when we are in pursuit of a worthwhile goal.  Of course, goals can and often are different for each of us, but sharing in the adventure is part of the journey.    A goal can be, “being” a leader in a great endeavor, or “being” part of the team that makes the great endeavor possible.  Either way it is a sharing thing, and people are the spice of life, consequently, rubbing shoulders with each other during these adventures creates happiness. 

 I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind a little extra happiness . . .  Focus on the rewards of success, and avoid spending the day looking in the rear view mirror.

“Good Climbers dwell on the rewards of success; rather than focusing on the penalties of failure” – We move towards our dominant thoughts.

Vertical Rope Skills class

Learn the freedom of the hills.  By learning the fundamental climbing skills.  Basic rock climbing movement skills, decent skills (rappelling) learn how to belay, the safety skills that bond a leader and belayer together.  Understand the intimate details about your low stretch (static) rope and your dynamic rope.

Learning to read topographical maps. Many times in the backcountry we find that our GPS just cannot acquire enough satellites to make a fix, so our GPS does not work. Map, Compass, and altimeters always work. These tools won’t leave you wanting . . .

Rope Rescue Skills, learn fundamental pulley systems for rescue and work.

Rappelling, cautiously walk down the face of a cliff or quickly descend using a friction device to control your descent rate.

Rock Climbing #1 through #6,  Map, Compass, and GPS Orienteering

BackCountry Emergency Medicine, the first aid survival priorities: PCABBSS.

  • Positive mental attitude
  • Circulation
  • Airway
  • Breathing

Bleeding . . .

Back Country Emergency Medicine Learn the emergency priorities of an accident in the backcountry.  How to treat a snake bite, hyperthermia (heat exhaustion or heat stroke) and hypothermia.  Other skills like emergency b.c. suturing (above example of a poor closure).  If a wound is clean a good closure is a good idea, otherwise. . .  Steri strips work in many cases.

    • I believe I have some good skills to share. My background includes: Search and Rescue (National Park Ranger, and Sheriff Mountain SAR), Army Medic, and State EMT




  • For Professional Services and Skills please check out High Angle Technologies
    • Work At Height  Towers, Roofs, Trees, Cliffs, High Rise, …
    • Safety training Fall Protection, Situational Awareness, and Risk Exposure Defensive Skills
    • SFX  (Special Effects)  and Stunt Coordination: Mountains Cliffs Towers, Bridges, Pinnicles, etc… 
    • Speciality Projects: “Safety Systems, Work at Height SOP and SOG (Fall Protection Plans, Fall Recovery Guidelines, etc. development
    • Natural Hazard Evaluation and Mitigation (Rock and Boudler Fall, Avalanche Forecasting and Mitigation or Elimination
    • Work at Height Training and Certification
    • Safety Seminars and . . . 

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