Douglas Hansne

Good consultation can provide one of the highest per dollar ROI’s you can get.  If I am like you, I work hard for the money my business brings in.  I have found my most valuable asset is the people I hire, my team.

Along with hiring a good team, I have found training is the foundation of any good business; it provides a workable, functioning team, so I can put direction to our efforts.  Consultation helps to build this team and can help identify things we don’t see, because we are too-close to what is going on.

As a consultant I can provide provide suggestions, and insights about what the school of hard knocks has taught me.  Here are a few comment my customers, past employers, and other business professionals have shared with me.  Please click on this link to read them.

Teaming up with other professionals providing consultation, equipment, and Speciality Services

I like to show you what I have to offer; and explain why it benefits you and your business.  Over the past 30 years I have been in charge of running two different corporations, built around my speciality interests and skills.  I would like to think I have been relatively successful and I have gained a fair amount of knowledge in those areas, this website will convey a rough idea of them.

If you would like to take advantage of the consultation I have to offer, just let me know, and we can schedule a time.  If you have a specific need or interest let me know, and I will be better prepared to benefit your business.  I’ll make sure I show up with my “A” game, so I can share my years of experience and my speciality skills.  In most all cases, my clients have been very pleased.

There are two ways we usually proceed;

1. a verbal consult where we meet and talk about your business needs, what resources there, different ways to deal with situation, etc.  We can discuss the fee at the beginning.

2. a formal consult where where I meet with you, and at the conclusion I prepare a written paper for your review.  As far price goes, I taking on new clients, I can work with that to some degree.


Some of you already know me,  just incase we haven’t met yet here’s a little bit of my background.   I have originated Hansen Mountaineering, Inc.  a specialized mountain sports store.

I started teaching ropes skills, climbing, mountaineering, hiking and safety while working for the National Park Service.  Eventually I started getting quite a few requests for gear, so I started selling equipment out of a room in my house, that had been my “man cave.”

Lift Evacuations Skills

Eventually it grew into a  good sized business which myself, my family, and a great team of people offered quality outdoor gear, and taught classes to a sizable clientele.  It included camping, rock climbing, orienteering, caving, backcountry emergency medicine, ice climbing, snowshoeing, XC-Skiing, and even search and rescue.  Over a few years it eventually grew into a successful business.

Later, I jumped into the High Angle Engineering, Industrial Rope Work, Safety, and Technical Rescue fields full time.  Over the years, I had been asked to assist with many different projects in the mountains, cliffs, caves, mines, high rise buildings, towers, even trees.

Rigging Skills

My personal interest in engineering, and an engineer grandfather, helped a lot.  Eventually I enrolled a civil engineering course.  The demand for this type of work was different enough, although related to climbing, that I started a second business called High Angle Technologies, Inc.

We specialized in work at height, safety and speciality work equipment sales, training, consultation, and a number of other speciality services like  SFX (special effects) and stunt coordination  and and even Natural Hazard Evaluation and Mitigation.

I must comment when I use the word I.  Yes, I held things together, put direction to our efforts, and I have a fair amount of skill and knowledge, BUT without the support of my family, and a great team of people, it very well may have never worked out.  I have included a few pictures on our website, of some of our projects to give you an idea of our background and possible ways we may be able to be of service to your organization.

Rock and Boulder Fall Evaluation and Mitigation Install Rockfall netting

Those  years of training, running business, and doing speciality work taught me many things, which I am excited to share, with you, to help you reach your goals.  The consultation I have to offer is valuable to just about anyone.  The speciality skills are a little more directed towards people who work in vertical environment.  Window washers, roofers, tower specialists, technical rescue personnel and teams, flagpole maintenance professionals, search and rescue personnel. industrial confined space rescue, and . . .

Vertical Rope Rescue Training

I look forward to being of service to you and your organization,  please feel free to contact me.   One thing I’ve learned and believe is we can reach our goals.  The Goals we set for ourselves, our families, and our communities.    These goals are very important to us as people, and to the overall success of our society.

“We are most happy when we are in pursuit of worthwhile goal(s); and when we feel important and fulfilled, I believe we will use our time in healthy and productive ways.”   — 

Please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or the contact form below.