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My son Jeromy and I standing on the summit of 12,000 Ft. high Mt. Baldy while on one of our “Three days and two nights” outings.”
Below you find a few of the presentations I have to offer. It would be an honor to come to you business, school, or social group and share these with you.

The Mountaineering Experience…

This Power Point Presentation introduces the audience to Mountaineering and other outdoor skills. It has some great background music, as I talk about Rock Climbing, Camping and Backpacking, Ice Climbing, Winter XC skiing, even Spelunking (Caving) and more.

Map and Compass Skills…

Click the title for more information about Map and Compass Skills

Urban and Wilderness Survival

“Not a primitive living skills presentation.)

Emergency Survival Skills

I graduated early from from the Army Medical Training Center at Fort Sam Houston, TX and Certified as an EMT with the State, served a number of year as Captain and Ops Leader with the Sheriff’s Mountain Rescue Team, and …

In the above picture we are establishing Search Areas and determining POS, while on a SAR mission in the Andes, South America

There are seven core priorities to all survival situations: 1. Maintain a Positive Attitude 2. Air, 3. Emergency Medical Concerns, 4. Protection from the environment 5. Rest, 6. Water, and 7. Food

Other topics as well…

Training Presentation
The fundamentals of safety in all situations.

It would be great to share some of my presentations with your group. Please contact me regarding your interests, we can discuss what I might be able to share, costs (if any), what size groups, etc. Thanks for your interest.