Carabiner, Pear, HMS, Locking,3AL, IRIS,Cypher


Carabiner, Pear, HMS, Locking,3AL, IRIS,Cypher

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This is my favorite Autolock.  Years of experience has taught me not totally trust manual locking biners, plus this design is easier to open and close than manual locking biners.  Manual lockers are O.K. but I have seen many times we forget to lock them – I guess it is personal thing.

This locking mechanism is easy to open, just put the spine of the biner against the back of you hand, between your thumb and finger, then hold the locking shell and press the top of the opening side against your hip, or something else, as you push the locking mechanism upward, and twist it, then open the gate.  For me it works great, and much easier than working with manual screw gates..

The Iris HMS has a refined shape for ease of use with many belay techniques.  The round rope bearing surface helps the rope flow smoothly for belay and rappel.  Despite having the most compact frame of our belay carabiners, the generous bell is ideal for a quick Munter Hitch when traveling light and fast. The Iris is offered in three of the most popular locking gate styles: screwlock, twistlock, and three stage lock.

  • Weight SG: 75 grams
  • Weight TL: 80 grams
  • Weight three stage: 80 grams
  • Strength (major axis):  28kN
  • CE EN1227


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