DVD, Vertical Rope Skills with Douglas Hansen


This 70 minute DVD is a must for anyone using rope, especially in a vertical environment.   This is a companion DVD to Vertical Rope Rescue, You may also want to get a copy of Just Tie It, a DVD the shares all kinds of knot, for climbing, rescue, around the house, it how to tie a ‘Tie”

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In this DVD Vertical Rope Skills Master Douglas Hansen addresses the primary skills

This is a 1 hour and 10 minute DVD that covers many of the skills used by anyone who ventures into the vertical world.  Rappelling, Climbing, Caving, Ice Climbing, Rope Rescue, Rope Course skills, Rope Access, Industrial Rope Work, Safety, and even skills that are used in fall protection and fall recovery

The quality of the DVD is much better than the sample below.  This is the best transfer I had, as time allows I will see if I can make it better quality.  Also, the above diagram of the Hedden knot shows a two wrap and the completed one shows a three wrap.  I teach students to tie a Hedden and a Prusik with three wraps; sometimes two wraps will slide.



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