Rock Climbing #1 Package


Rock Climbing #1 Package



Hansen Specialities Rock Climbing #1 Package

This 9 piece deluxe package is hard to beat.  The only thing I would add to it is a pair of light to medium weight leather gloves that fit you well.  Gloves should always be worn when there is sliding rope.   This package has an Extra Force belay device, and an auto locking Self closing, and double lock carabiner.  In some cases , single lock auto locking biners can be open when the rope slides against the gate.  An once you get used to using it, it is quite easy to work with.  The DVD shows knots, rappelling, ascending, and more.

“DVD’s and Books are good information.  When they are combined with good training they become usable knowledge.  Usable Knowledge combined with experience is the “Pure Gold of Knowledge.”   When learning a risk type activity always seek a skilled instructor.  A book or a DVD can’t hope to cover the wealth of know you gain during a day of good instruction.


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