Professional Rope Skills Training

Rope Skills #1 is the kick-off point for . . .

These are the primary skills needed by anyone who uses rope in a vertical environment.  Along with the training, you receive a  70 Minute, Vertical Rope Skills DVD.  The day course is taught as a scheduled course, and private, or private group course.

Just figure out when your team has its next training scheduled, give me a call, and we will see if we can make it happen.  Another approach is to get a friend or two together and schedule a private training session, to meet your schedule.  Learn to rappel, belay, ascend ropes, and much more so you can go out on your own and know you have taken appropriate steps to learn a life long skill.

This is a foundation set of skills for Technical Rope Rescue, Climbing, Rappelling, Caving, Rope Access Work, and . . . for more information just fill out the form below.

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