Published Articles

Some of my published work. I will include more as time allows; hope you find these of value.

Wilderness Citizenship… An article taken from the pages of “Living Life Well” a book written by Douglas S. Hansen
To Bolt or not To Bolt” The Rambler Magazine, September 2000: Leave No Trace while Climbing, deciding whether or not to leave a bolt.  
Near Death On Mount. McKinley Summit Magazine, July-August 1995: Surviving and Avoiding the effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Testing results of several different stoves and the Carbon Monoxide produced at different altitudes.
Climbers Beware” Collector’s Edition, On Sight! 1994: Addressed safety problems plaguing the climbing community.
Avalanche Emergencies” Emergency, the journal of emergency services, November, 1990: How to recognize, evaluate, and handle avalanche emergencies.
Barotraumas: Under Presser” Emergency the Journal of Emergency Services, April 1989: Barotraumas, an injury caused by changes in the earths atmospheric pressure. The signs, symptoms and treatments to the three different types of Barotraumas.
Critique for Success” Emergency the Journal of Emergency Survives, November 1989: The Do’s and Don’ts about critiquing and reviewing accident response periodical.
Mastering the Art of Protecting Yourself Part #1 Summit Magazine, January-April 1988: Lead Climbing and the Art of protecting yourself while climbing or belaying. Part #2” Summit Magazine, January-April 1988: Lead Climbing and the Art of protecting yourself while climbing or belaying.
Ski Related Knee Injuries Emergency the Journal of Emergency Services, November 1988: How to recognize and treat a knee injury on the slopes.  
Avalanche” Emergency, the journal of emergency services, February 1987: Avalanche Awareness, Detection, Avoidance, and Rescue.  
Crevasse Self Rescue” Summit Magazine, January-February 1986: The how to and equipment ideas for self-rescue out of a crevasse.  Steps in preventing an accident in becoming a fatality.  
“Ten Steps to Starting Mountaineering of on the Right Foot” Summit Magazine Jan-Feb 1989 Ideas to make learning mountaineering skills safely.
Using Avalanche Beacons” Summit Magazine, March-April 1986: Using (then relatively new) avalanche beacons effectively.  
Kings Peak – Utah’s Highest” Summit Magazine, May-June 1985: Pictures, Information, and Tips on climbing Utah’s Highest Mountain, Kings Peak.
Ice Climbing in Utah” Summit Magazine, January-February 1984: Guide, Tips, Ideas, and Pictures to climbing some of the best ice in Utah.
There is Nothing Wrong with Gore-Tex” Summit Magazine, July-August 1984: Understanding Gore-Tex and Gaining maximum efficiency from your Gore-Tex type laminates.
Mind over Mountain Emergency The Journal of Emergency Services, September 1984: Who rescues the rescuer if he finds himself in trouble?  Familiarizing the rescue community with basic gear and knowledge on how to perform the more advanced rescues and self-rescue.  
Minimizing the Risks” Summit Magazine, March-April 1983: Preparing yourself Mentally and Physically to take on the challenges and dangers of the outdoors.
Boil Your Rope?”  Summit Magazine, (cover) May-June 1983: Details about ropes, handling them, caring for them, and when to retire them.
Sunshine a Subjective Danger” Summit Magazine, July-August 1983: The dangers of over exposure to the sun at altitude and the importance of eye protection.
How Do You Measure Up To The Limestone Test?” Summit Magazine, March-April 1982: The art of climbing and protecting yourself while climbing limestone.
Mental Training ?” Summit Magazine, April-May 1980: and Emergency, Journal of Emergency Medicine   Tips for a better mental training, and the importance of it.
Neff’s Cave: a cool change of pace” Summit Magazine August-September 1980: Details concerning permission to enter
Climbing is an Art” Off Belay The Mountain Magazine, October 1980: Mastering the art and Fundamentals of Rock, Ice, and Mountain Climbing.
On Water Ice” Off Belay The Mountain Magazine, April 1979: Some Tips on Ice Climbing.
Roped Solo Climbing” On-sight Magazine, Volume One Issue Two: Things to know about Solo Climbing.  Equipment list to consider.
International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS)
Rescue Professionals sharing knowledge at the Annual International Technical Rescue Symposium.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to present several subjects to the International Technical Rescue Symposium.  Below are a few of the technical papers that may be of interest to you.
Communication During the Technical Rescue
Presenter: Hansen Year: 2006 Unavailable – please contact the author for more information November 1, 2006
·         Human Factors
Tags: Training and Education

What is Your Real Safety Margin?
Presenter: Hansen Year: 2005
November 1, 2005
·         Human Factors
Tags: Decision Making

A Look at Knot Strength in a Dynamic Situation
Presenter: Hansen Year: 2004
November 1, 2004
·         Equipment Testing
Tags: Terminations-Knots

Non Committal Rescue
Presenter: Hansen Year: 2003
November 1, 2003
·         Rescue Technique
Tags: Rope

Fall Recovery? The Clip, Snip and Lower System
Presenter: Hansen Year: 2002
November 1, 2002
·         Rescue Technique
Tags: Rope

Pulley System Forces: Angles of Pull
Presenter: Hansen Year: 2001
November 1, 2001
·         Equipment Testing
Tags: Hardware
Above are the presentations below are some other links that may be of interest.

Hope you find these of value, I will include others as time allows