Rappelling #2 Rappel Master

Rappel Master Certification

Advanced Rappelling: Work at Height (Rope Access), rescue, and . . . rappelling is an important technique useful in many situations. Above, we are scaling a cliff above structures and roads, to help mitigation this natural hazard. Over time rain, wind, and frost wedging break the rock. We go up and “scale” those off the faces under controlled conditions.

Doing an activity and teaching it is good training. In fact, if you want someone to remember something you first explain it to them, have them do it, and then have them teach someone else to do it. Of course, that won’t make them an instructor, but they will remember better.

Douglas Hansen doing some Advanced Rappelling SFX-Stunt Work
Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, CA

In this course you get to learn advanced skills associated with rappelling and teaching others this skill, including how to anticipate potential problems, and what to do if such an event occurs, but we will focus mostly on prevention.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A practical test, evaluate this student as they begin a rappel from a training tower. Some of the answers will follow.

You You have been asked to teach someone to rappel. One of your students are ready to go over the edge. Do your final Safety Check. Visually examine this situation: What do you see and what word should you use if there is a problem?

See the picture below…

Here are some observations/answers

Teaching is a rewarding and fun to watch people learn seeing their smiles, and ah-ha moments, but it is also a big responsibility.

Notice the T-shirt on the brake hand side of the rope, notice how it is starting to bunch-up the shirt. When they step off the edge, this friction can cause the shirt to suck into the figure of 8, and it stops the rappeller in mid-air, then …. what? There are more things in this picture, and others, we also teach about.

If we see a problem we yell:

STOP! STOP! STOP! to get the person to freeze in place, thus avoiding the progression of the problem, such as roll out, or twist out, shirt in the figure 8, or…. See anything else? —–Good Job!!!

Also you will receive a 70 Minute DVD on Vertical Rope Skills

This is available for purchase as well.
Please Note: This is excellent training, and it will help prepare you to teach others, to anticipate potential problems before they occur, but of course, we cannot address all possibilities. The principle based instruction will better prepare you to recognize and handle these events in a positive manner, should any occur.

**Rappel Master Certification will put you in a position to teach and train others to rappel. For more information on this course please email me or fill out this form. I will get back with you D.Hansen@HansenSpecialities.com