Ropes Courses, Ziplines, Climbing Walls, . . .

Training slide 25, Question, “What do you observe about this “situation,” as this Special Forces Soldier rappels over the edge of the tower?”  This is what things look like from a Rappel Master POV, Keep in mind, SF operations are NOT the same as sport climbing.

Climbing Walls, Ziplines, Ropes Course activities, and . . . are a horse of a different color, when compared to rock climbing.  Below are a few examples of these types of activities, training thoughts, and why Experiential Learning Activities serve many purposes.


The East end of Zion National Park this resort has many activities for their guests. One happens to be a quarter of a mile long zipline. As well as making sure the technical engineering aspects are covered, we prepare a specific SOP or SOG, and a number of other things to prevent problems, and to minimize them, if they happen to occur.

A slide from a School Districts Ropes Course for their Staff.  We put this Powerpoint program, and prepared an SOP/G for their Staff to use. activities are very reasonable, if forethought is applied. I have served as an expert witness and consultant dealing with accidents. Without fail, they were preventable with training, the proper equipment, and good judgment.

Visitors get once in a lifetime experiences to share with each other, and other participants. Recreational pursuits assist us in life, business, and . . .

Belaying, or protecting the climber or participant. In this case a back up belayer is used, it lowers the RE rating, keeps participants active, and it is a good teaching practice for when they are the primary belay

A climber with limited space. She had us build her a private climbing gym in her garage.  Keeps her in shape for the bigger gyms, or for out of doors rock climbing and mountaineering.

Bouldering Wall: With class PE time of less than a hour, Bouldering, a Sport that may not come to mind is fun, builds coordination, strength comradery, and . . . (Wikipedia-Description Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls, known as boulders, without the use of ropes or harnesses.) During PE Class: We have suggest they use Spotters, and pads on the floor; which they do.

My granddaugther showing off! Adults as well as younger kids enjoy Bouldering. For climbing higher there are landing pads, and spotters.

Rope Course Activities require the staff be well trained; along with proper equipment, design and engineering.  A shear reduction block is essential for trust falls, the Eagles Perch, and other activities that shock load the rope.  Large radius helps each fiber in the rope share the load more equally, and provides some braking resistance as well.  This in combination with the correct belay keeps the RE rating low.

Organizations and individuals alike enjoy these events. We put our heads together with this client and we built a Grand Swing (50 tall), Hyper Swing, Tree House along with a Zipline that travels over their fishing lake.

Climbing and Rappelling tower with pea gravel base has three climbing stations or rappel, and internal ladder for rigging purposes.  This client often had groups visit his mountain home.

Jump tower built to simulate exiting a C130, or other craft for parachuting into a DZ. A zipline, so the get the exit training and PLF (Parachute Landing Fall)

Special Force Instructors setting up for training.

One of our potable climbing walls.

Training Slide 25a Answer.   Did you consider these thoughts, What were your observations.   Unlocked biners on safety is often overlooked,  As a Rappel/Climbing Master,  these observation can be critical.