Work at Height Training

High Angle Rope Skills Training and Certification

Fall protection, fall recovery/rescue . . . a skill that is critical in all high angle applications.

Whether you are a Line-person, tower worker, arborist, or . . . there are two parts working at height: o

Master Instructor Douglas Hansen (Yellow helmet) keeps a watchful eye on the Deseret Generation and Transmission Emergency Response Team as they demonstrate their confined space rescue skills.

Ropes Course Safety Certification and Staff Training

Zipline Safety Certification and Staff Training

SOP / SOG Document Preparation

Rappel Master Training and Certification

At the completion receive your certificate and laminated wallet identification for completing

A Competent Person is the person your business gives the responsibility to make decisions about safety planning,  work protocols, dealing with emergencies, and such.  What does that entail?  Well, no one knows it all, but with training you know where to draw the lines, how to prepare a preplan, safety planning, and emergency planning.