Speciality Projects

I am in the process of selecting some of the projects we have done so that you will get an idea of how we can be of service to you. These may give a good idea of some of our projects, and how we can be of service to you. Thanks for your patience.

High in the sky, notice the Zipline at an Outdoor Resort
A treehouse with a Zipline across the pond for the client.
Designed and Installed the Safety System for Riggers to use while they are working the grid, at e Arena.
Working on a Ropes Course High Event at Snow College
Eliminated this 2,000 ton boulder threatening Utah State Highway #24
For More Information regarding www.HighAngleTechnologies.com
Highline Systems: Exchanging ideas at the International Technical Rescue Symposium.
Diagonal Highline Work Access with redundancy.
These are a few of our projects and rescues, BUT we would like to hear what you have been up to. **Please drop us an Email d.Hansen@HansenSpecialities.com, and we will post your project or rescue so others can learn from your efforts and lives can be saved.