Training Skills – the mind

“We move towards our currently dominant thoughts”

Training the mind, or mental training, is a principle as old as time itself (kind-of).  The bible, one of the oldest records we have, puts it this way, “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Advertising giants have long understood the power of the thoughts we think.  The only catch is, if we encourage others to think certain thoughts, it creates a certain reality related to those thoughts; maybe good, maybe not so good.  So it is in our best interest to create good positive thoughts and ideas.  “What goes around comes around.”  

The mind is like our muscles, it actual gets bigger!  Of course, we have long understood the idea that we can increase knowledge and mental functions, but only recently has research shown that our brains actually grows bigger in size.  Mental training is a fact we can put to good use.  Practice thinking the way we want things to turn out.  Mental or mind training for events really works in many ways we understand, and may influence a broader scope.

Below are parts three different articles I wrote a few years ago.  Two were for Emergency – a journal of emergency medicine, and the other for Summit Magazine – the oldest mountaineering magazine.  Both are principle based, so they still apply today.  ♠But the techniques have changed.

I am training with the BYU Security Officers, Provo City Fire Department and Members of their Alpine Rescue Team.  We are going over high-rise evacuation skills.  Not many used groups used diagonal highlines then, but they have served us well on many occasions.

Please Note: The techniques we used during this time period are not what we use today.  Like the saying suggests, “Ways, Means, Techniques, and Methods change; but Principles Never Do.”  That is one reason I strive to point out the principles, because they don’t change with, “and Principles allow us to improvise when the need is there.”


Above Photos by Doug Coates

A + P x I = High Risk Survival  A = Awareness, P = Preparedness, and only if you must, I = Improvisation.  Improvisation is the final key in a survival situation.  During the training we go over a number of really good skills.


Green Adjective I, 5.10a a classic This picture comes with a story to be told else places.  I had a belayer I trusted and I figured I was covered if I fell, but I did not calculate the effect of my “new” (shrink to fit) technical climbing boots correctly.  I was glad my anchors were good, and my belayer had brought his A game.                                                                                                                                  Page #17 Summit magazine