Wilderness Citizenship Skills list

Wilderness Citizenship

When you have gained the skills to go into the wilderness day or night, winter or summer, good weather or bad, and be at home, you will have “earned” your wilderness citizenship.  There are varying degrees of skill, and depending on your interests, and desires, you may reach your level sooner, or it may require more study.  This list is an example of some of the skills and activities one might want to pursue.

Just email me with the training you are interested in, and I will contact you when we have a group interested in doing that specific training.  Learning a skill is an excuse to get together and share in each others company “People are the Spice of Life.”

1 Wilderness Citizenship Fundamentals 3-4 hours Cost, if any In-Class  
2 Group Dynamic and Team Participation        
3 Individual Team Responsibilities        
4 Preparedness and Situational Awareness Skills        
5 Adv. Avalanche Forecasting & Rescue        
6 Advanced Caving (spelunking)        
7 Advanced Orienteering #2        
8 Advanced White Water & Rescue        
9 Advanced Wilderness First Aid        
10 Advanced Wilderness Traveling Skills        
11 Alpine Camping        
12 Avalanche Forecasting and Rescue        
13 B.C. Emergency Medicine        
14 Body Mechanics / Performance Diet        
15 Camp Stove Cooking and Water        
16 Cold Weather Skills        
17 CPR        
18 Desert Skills        
19 Desert Survival        
20 Desert Travel and Survival        
21 Field Repairs and Improvisation        
22 First Aid        
23 Fundamental Rope Skills        
24 Getting the Most From Equipment        
25 Glacier Traveling        
26 High Altitude Climbing Skills        
27 Hiking Backpacking, and Alpine Camping        
28 Ice Climbing #1        
29 Ice Climbing #2        
30 Ice Climbing #3        
31 Intro to Mountain Environment        
32 Leadership and Team Dynamics        
33 Low Impact skills        
34 Meteorology (Weather)        
35 Navigation by the Night Sky, and Constellations        
36 Orienteering #1        
37 Peak Bagging        
38 Photographic Skills        
39 River Kayak Skills        
40 Rock Climbing #1        
41 Rock Climbing #2        
42 Rock Climbing #3        
43 Rock Climbing #4        
44 Rock Climbing #5        
45 Rock Climbing #6        
46 Sea Kayak Skills        
47 Spelunking #1        
48 Survival Fundamentals & Philosophy        
49 Understanding and Living in the Mtn Environment        
50 White Water        
51 Wilderness EMT        
52 Wilderness Traveling Skills        
53 Wilderness Water Skills #1        
54 Wilderness Water Skills #2        
55 Winter Survival        
56 Winter Travel, Camping, and Expeditions        
57 X-C / Telemark Skiing #1        
58 X-C Skiing #1        
59 X-C Skiing #2        
60 Emergency Management        
61 Other not listed subjects…        
62 Advanced Wilderness Medicine        

List any subjects you are interested in. These are little or not cost get together’s. It is my way of saying “Thanks!,” and giving back. It is also helping shape a positive approach to using our mountains, deserts, waterways, etc. and improving safety.

Please feel free to email me with questions, and let me know what subjects you are interested in. I will put together groups, and let you know what opportunities are available. Looking forward to sharing an adventure with you. Douglas Hansen d.hansen@HansenSpecialities.com (with 3 i’s)